15 Different Types of Pillows You Should Know About

Bed pillows, maternity pillows, nursing pillows, throw pillows, reading pillows... All kinds of pillows!

Pillows on a bed

Pillows have come a long way since the first-ever stone cushions used by Mesopotamians in 7,000 BC.

To celebrate them, here’s a list of 15 different types of pillows you should definitely know about.

Bed pillow

Sleep pillow doodle

I’m sure you’re familiar. These are your run-of-the-mill, everyday pillows. They’re used to sleep on and support your head and neck.

Maternity pillow

Maternity pillow doodle

You might also know them as “full body pillows.” Maternity pillows have a very particular design that helps moms-to-be sleep by alleviating the pressure on their neck, back, stomach, and legs.

Nursing pillow

Nursing pillow doodle

A nursing pillow is used to properly position a baby for breastfeeding. Their shape is very similar to that of a travel pillow, although nursing pillows are bigger.

Throw pillow

Throw pillow doodle

A throw pillow is a small decorative pillow commonly used in interior design. They’re usually placed on couches, armchairs, and beds. People who love throw pillows tend to REALLY love them and have them by the dozen.

Reading pillow

Reading pillow doodle

A reading pillow is used for… you guessed it: reading in bed. They look a little bit like an armchair because they’re designed to help support your arms and back in a comfortable position while sitting.

If you want to read more about reading pillows, we’ve written an entire article about them.

Wedge pillow

Wedge pillow doodle

Wedge pillows are designed to elevate your upper body while lying in bed. They can also be placed under your knees and legs as a lower body support.

Elevating leg-rest pillow

Leg-rest pillow doodle

These are very similar to wedge pillows, but they’re specifically designed to elevate your legs.

Elevating leg-rest pillows can help with a multitude of issues such as improving circulation, back and sciatica pain, and leg swelling.

Bath pillow

Bath pillow doodle

Bath pillows are designed to help support your head and neck while you’re lying in the bathtub.

Travel pillow

Travel pillow doodle

Travel pillows are also known as “neck pillows” because you place them around your neck. They’re U-shaped and very useful while travelling (hence, the name) because they cushion your head while sitting upright.

Donut seat cushion

Donut pillow doodle

Good ol’ donut cushions tend to be made fun of relentessly… until they are actually needed. So, while technically not a pillow, donut seat chushions—also known as coccyx pillows—deserve to be on this list.

BBL pillow

Outline of a BBL pillow

A BBL cushion will help you to sit for intervals of time without minimizing the results of your Brazilian butt lift.

You can read more about BBL recovery pillows in our complete guide.

Coccyx cushion

Outline of a coccyx pillow

Coccyx cushions(also known as coccydynia cushions) will help reduce the pressure on your back or tailbone while sitting for extended periods of time.

Lumbar support pillow

Outline of a lumbar support pillow

Lumbar support pillows will help reduce lower back pain and fatigue while sitting for extended periods of time.

Knee pillow

Outline of a knee pillow

Knee pillows help side sleepers keep their legs, hips, and spine aligned while asleep.

Full Body Bath Pillow

Outline of a full body bath pillow

A full-body bath pillow consists of the head support and a long mat that will cushion your whole body against the hard surface of the tub.

Last updated on April, 2024.