10 Items That Will Help You Avoid Cold Feet This Winter

Sandals with socks

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about these cold feet:

Bride running

1. A good old-fashioned hot water bottle

Hot water bottle
This one even comes with a nice turtleneck sweater so it doesn’t burn your skin.

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2. A pair (or two) of thermal socks with a 2.3 TOG rating

Socks emojiSeven times warmer than a basic cotton sock.

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3. A wearable fleece blanket… with pockets for your feet

Violet blanketFeel all warm and cozy while looking like a plushy wizard.

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4. Fleece-lined memory foam slippers

Cool design, toasty shoes.

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5. Super-thick Australian sheepskin insoles

So you always feel like you’re walking on a (furry) cloud.

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6. A foot massager with heat function

Delivers a Shiatsu massage with 5 different pressure levels.

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7. A pair of rechargeable heated insoles

Remote insolesWith batteries that activate wirelessly. Because we’re living in the future.

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8. Epsom Salt (+ warm water)

Because you don’t always need fancy gadgets to relieve achy, cold feet.

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9. A pack of 40 Super Warmer packets

Fire emojiUp to 18 hours of heat in little square packets.

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10. A king-size heating pad with 6 temperature settings

King size. So you can use it on your feet and everywhere else.

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Last updated on April, 2024.