7 Tips to Keep Your Plushies, Towels, and Blankets Fluffy

Baby blanket

1. Always, always, always follow the instructions on the tag

When in doubt, or if the care tag is missing, opt for hand washing and cold-water.

2. High heat is the enemy


High heat (in the washer or the dryer) can shrink a blanket’s threads at a different rate than the base fabric, causing the blanket’s edges to curl. The heat of a dryer can also melt the tips of the yarn, decreasing its softness.

3. Wash your blankets with cold water and then air-dry

Two washing machines

If you’re using a washing machine, set it on the gentlest cycle available.

4. Wash your plushies in launderable mesh bags to help protect them. If they don’t fit in a mesh bag, you can always use a pillowcase

A reindeer plushie sitting on a couch

If you don’t have mesh bags and don’t care for pillowcases, just don’t wash your plushies and blankets with scratchy materials.

5. Don’t use fabric softeners on your towels

Fabric softeners will reduce your towels’ ability to absorb moisture.

6. Put down that iron!

Do not iron!

I… doubt you were going to iron your towels and blankets; but in any case―don’t! A heated iron can melt the naturally soft fibers of your blankets.

7. Avoid bleach at all costs

Bleach is an abrasive cleanser that can also affect your colors.

Last updated on April, 2024.